Natural Modeling Dough Subscription for Canadian Kids & Creatives

Hey fellow Canadians, we have something exciting to offer you! A subscription box for kids and creatives that is packed with possibilities, without all the waste. Not bad, right? The trick is it's based off of the idea that less offers more, and natural is safer.

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Canada, Here's Why You'll Love This Modeling Dough Subscription

Here are some reasons you should consider a Dough n' Play all-natural modeling dough if you're looking for a subscription gift for yourself or someone else in Canada.

1. Non-Toxic Modeling Dough is Fun for (Almost) All Ages

Modeling dough and the plethora of ways you can play with it means that it can be used as a safe and interesting toy for almost anyone to exercise their creative muscles, molding intentionally or abstractly in the process. (To play on the safe side, we have put a rating on 3+ on our labels.)

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2. Ethically Made Canadian Products

Our modeling dough is made in BC, Canada by a mom and daughter team who love what they do and value every order. When you buy a subscription from our small business, you're supporting a real Canadian family.

3. Environmentally Friendly Canadian Subscription Box?!

We care a lot about our health and the health of our planet. Being green in our business model begins with doing our best to source natural, non-toxic ingredients, and doing that as locally as possible.

Providing waste-free packaging and a biodegradable product is another thing we're very proud of. Our pretty little tins of play clay can be kept on your shelf until the dough is finished being played with. Then, use the tins to keep found treasures, loose parts collections, something else you need, or simply recycle them.

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Unlike other non-natural brands of modeling dough, our product is not only biodegradable, but compostable in your home compost bin. Also, when you receive your Dough n' Play package, the box it's shipped in is recyclable, too. (If you have a child at home like mine, reusable in many ways first, as well). 

4. Modeling Dough & Simple Toys Inspire Creativity

We believe less offers more when it comes to toys. Sounds, lights, and flashy toys are motivating to have, but they overwhelm and distract our senses from what's really going on around us. Action figures and TV-themed plastic doo-dads come with built-in ideas of what they stand for and how they can be played with. Structured games and crafts have a right and a wrong way to be done.

Modeling dough, on the other hand, is a blank slate (or ball) of possibilities. Open-ended free play or more structured activities are both available with our dough as a base. 

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5. Calming & Destressing with Dough Play

There are some activities (often sensory-based) that are especially good at reducing tension and anxiety. Play with dough is certainly one of these relaxing ways to spend time soothing the senses. This is something that's often noted by visitors to the play clay tables in each of the various early learning centres I've worked in. Pushing, squeezing, pinching, and rolling of dough, with or without intention on what it is that you are doing can feel very therapeutic. 

Take some time to play with our soothing putties. How does free play with dough make you feel?

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Ready to Buy Our Planet-Friendly Subscription Packs for Kids & Creatives?

Are you ready to sign up for a year of modeling dough delivered to you or someone you think would love this?

Choose from 6-month and 1-year subscriptions, with options for 3-packs, 5-packs, and 7-packs of dough. If you like, you can also add on the option to include a wooden toy or tool to use along with our natural modeling doughs. Purchase subscription packs of Dough n' Play all-natural modeling dough here.