Pink is Not Just For Girls: Modeling Dough Play Set-Up

What is pink? Is it a "girl" colour, reserved only for females? Is it okay for boys to like pink?

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Is Pink Really Just for Girls?

Something interesting about the colour pink is that, while it's been traditionally defined as a "girl" colour, all it really is is red with some white thrown in. Each year of teaching the mistaken idea that "pink is for girls" would be sure to come up at least once.

Seeing this limiting idea of colour dash the inner desires of boys and girls alike is a sad thing to behold, but we have the power to flip the script.

Let's set up the dough play table with red and white modeling dough and play with this idea of colour. If you feel the need to add a few simple cutters and rollers, please do, but keep in mind that less is more, and will encourage the children to use their hands to manipulate the dough.

As you play, use this opportunity to chat about colours and what the colours mean to each of us (for instance, my favourite colour is green because it reminds me of being outside in the forest). Our perspective of colour and how they make us feel and what they remind us of can be personal.

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The children may be surprised at the variety of thoughts and ideas around colour that don't exactly align with their own, and others that do. Just because one person sees a specific colour as "only for girls" or "only for boys" doesn't make it so.

A colour is a colour, and we all see and think of them differently.

Let the children experiment with what happens as the two colours of dough start to get mixed. Inevitably we will see white start to meld with red, and as it gets squished and moved together, pink will start to emerge. We can create different shades of red and see the spectrum that is possible. 

gender colour pink is not just for girls early learning modeling dough non-toxic canada

Have you tried this activity? Will you? What do you think? How do you attempt to broaden the perspectives of children regarding gender stereotypes?

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